“I have dropped some weight my clothes fit better and I have more energy especially when I wake up I don’t find myself making an excuse for not working out.”

“I definitely feel better, lighter, more energy, and more like myself!! Have DEFINITELY lost inches and lbs 🙂 clothes DO feel better.” JM

“I have more energy and excited to exercise in the morning (this is huge for me) and also be aware of the food I am eating or choose to eat! I really think this is a great new way for me to move forward and continue to lose weight and get in shape.” CF

“I am still losing weight and feeling fit and great! Wore a pair of pants the other day that I have not had on for over a year!”

“Nothing like a bunch of good nights sleep right in a row! Which hasn’t happened to me in years!! All around you have all inspired me!”

“You have helped me to mix up my workouts and my nutrition – the lost weight and gained strength are nice bonuses too!! Thank you!!”


I would like to say thank you to Judi Warren Isaacson for being such an amazing
trainer and an even more inspiring individual. I have an abundance of energy again. I
love the goals I have set professionally and personally, and if it wasn’t for her coaching I
would not be in the physical (which leads to mental) setting to want to strive for more.

I thank 32789 for being a big part of my wellness team and for giving so much energy, fun and training to all who come through your doors.I had a lot to think about and loved the exercise and having something to take home to keep the momentum going!


The support and accountability we all offer each other from around the country under your guidance has been a perfect addition to my fitness routine. You have helped me to mix up my workouts and my nutrition – the lost weight and gained strength are nice bonuses too!! Thank you!!


Working out at Workout 32789 is being with “family”. I am a long time client. I started with Judi and when she had Nicole her scheduled changed, so I have been training with Diane ever since. Diane is my friend as well as my trainer. My workouts are geared to my needs. Diane and Judi have evolved as the fitness industry has. At WO 32789 you get more than just a workout. You get nutritional information, you are able to join online challenge groups, in addition to getting regular videos on healthy eating and exercise. It is one stop shop what more could one ask for?

-Sharon Miller

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